About us

Dogabode Oy was founded in 2021. Our vision is to introduce Kelynse products to all Finnish dog enthusiasts. Dogabode is a family business where the main responsibility lies with longtime dog owners - Hanna and Maija.

Hanna: With over 30 years of long-coated breeds and show dogs, I have tried and tested almost every dog shampoo brand over the years, especially all premium series, many of which have produced rather good results.

A couple of years ago, rumours began to emerge from Central Europe about a product line that is different - and better - than any previous product. Especially long coated dogs were in more magnificent condition than ever. I got interested and wanted to see for myself if the products were as good as claimed. I ordered the first bottles of Complexe and Jasmine and realized that this is something wonderful. Put on a dry coat, prewash mask and conditioner together – what?? Actual shampooing is not even necessary.

After using Kelynse's products, I noticed that the coats shine and are more easy to groom than never before! There is very little loose hair and the hair stays in great condition between baths. In my opinion, the best thing is that the basic ingredients Complexe and Jasmine go a long way, and often nothing else is needed for maintenance treatment. I use Optime and Juniper Oil in addition to Complexe and Jasmine, depending on whether it is a show bath, a youngster with a “tangle phase”, or if the hair is in poor condition (e.g. after whelping and raising a litter). By combining Kelynsen products, I can individually choose a bathing and grooming product that suits the needs of a particular dog's coat.

I have a dozen dogs. All adult dogs are in full coat, so I use literally bucketfuls of shampoo and conditioner every year. The advantage of Kelynse is its yield. One decilitre of shampoo is enough to bathe a full coated Skye Terrier. You can find out more about breeding work and my dogs on my kennel's website www.buckwheaters.net

Maija: I confess to being lazy when it comes to bathing dogs, especially now that my Papillons no longer attend shows. That's why I appreciate ease and simplicity when bathing a dog. Complexe combined with Jasmine on a dry coat takes mere minutes, and best of all, after bathing a dog with Kelynse, the coat dries

incredibly fast! If brushing is sometimes forgotten, Lylium helps with tangles. It is a pleasure to be involved in Dogabode and to make Kelynse available also in Finland.

Behind Kelynse is Ms. Paola Cerisola. She has a wide variety of dog breeds, from Afghan Hounds to Dachshunds, and now also a Skye Terrier. Another force behind Kelynse, Mr. Gianni Davito, is a professional groomer. He has decades of experience as a groomer and product developer. Thanks to Gianni Davito's long experience, Kelynse is a product line that takes grooming to a whole new level.